Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 2

Aug. 12, 2015

Today we found 3 of the Ocracoke Island horses of the Outer Banks.  Again, as in the Day 1 horses found in Sandbridge, none of them had wings.  Also, the winged horse of The Island Inn is missing - the Island Inn is now closed and the locals I spoke with did not know where the horse has gone.  The one at Ocracoke School was difficult to get to since she was only accessible from the back of the school which you can only get to from Back Rd. and not School Rd.  She is near the basketball courts and library on Back Rd.  Both Emilio and the Ocracoke School horse appear to have had wings once, but no longer do.  The staff at Howard's Pub told us that their winged horse was donated to the Ocracoke School and repainted.  Here are the horses of Ocracoke Island:

 unknown horse - The Buccaneer Store, 213 British Cemetery Rd.
 "Emilio" - Back Porch Restaurant, 110 Back Rd.
unknown horse - in back of Ocracoke School, near 225 Back Rd.

Day 1

Aug. 3, 2015

Today we found a few of the horses of the Outer Banks - in Virginia Beach!  I am  including these 3 horses we found on our dolphin quest in Virginia Beach.  I know they are not in the Outer Banks, but they appear to be the same horses as the Outer Banks.  Here are the 3 horses of the Outer Banks in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach (1 foal and 2 stallions):

unknown horse # 1 - 601 Sandbridge Rd.
 unknown horse # 2 - 601 Sandbridge Rd.
unknown foal - 601 Sandbridge Rd.